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Terrace Apartments



Resident · 2013 - 2015
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Office Staff
When I first moved in, this place was peaceful and quiet. It is in a nice area, and the patio space, and the privacy are pluses. Unfortunately there are quite a few issues: We have had our water turned off at least 15 times in the last year and a half for maintenance. Contractors park in your parking spot.. there is not designated guest parking.. your car has to climb a big curb to park, and most people scrape the bottom of their cars getting in and out of their spots. There has been constant construction which could be a good thing in that they are improving the property, but it never seems normal around here. We just got a 3 day notice that they're going to inspect our apartment .. no reason was given to us. The Laundry Room: NONE of the dryers work. You have to run your clothes in the cryer twice. Don't even think about loading your laundry card on holidays, the management team will lock the machine up. Security: They don't have security on property, they just have some guys drive through at night to kick people out of the pool at 10. Wasps Nests: We have reported them in the past, and they either do something about it days later, or they do nothing. We had to shoot one with hotshot ourselves. Pet Policy: You aren't allowed to have dogs. However, the leasing office manager has one.. we see her walking it all the time. Whatever is good for the goose should be good for the gander. They also don't regulate this policy - I have seen people with their dogs all over the place. This is not the management office's fault, but there are A LOT of smokers living here now. Lots of weed and various cigarettes. The place just smells! Apartment itself: Laminate floors and white walls. the sliding doors are installed backward. The cabinet hinges are on the right side of all cabinet doors. Water pressure blows.. the toilet takes 2-3 flushes. Can't hang items from the ceilings due to possible asbestos issues. The floor plans are kind of awkward - single-paned windows. The patios are huge! The floorplans are small. gas stove and oven. Standard sized space for a fridge. No 2 apartments are exactly the same. That's about it. We are moving when our lease is up. It's been fun and all, but it just is not for us anymore.
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Terrace Apartments

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