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Terrace Apartments



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mustangman66 • Resident 2002 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 09/02/2007
wow! I am so glad I stumbled upon this website. I lived at the terrace apartments for the past 5 years. I've had such a wonderful time while I lived here, unfortunatly I'm moving for a job relocation. I'm so surprised to see tenants bad mouth the complex. I've never had any bad experiences such as the ones posted by others. It all sounds to me like they are trouble makers and are mad that they got caught breaking the rules. First off they admit they parked in other peoples parking spots. Imagine this... After a long day of work and a long commute you pull into your parking spot and some jerk is parked in your spot and you have to park down the street and walk home. I would tow your a** too! Why would you even park in someone elses spot when you have your own? what a jerk. I'm so glad I lived at a place where the trouble makers get dealt with. Not sure what they mean when they say a motorcycle is considered a motor vehicle. HELLO? Don't you go to the dmv to take your motorcycle driving test and register it? Apparently they don't know that DMV stands for (department of motor vehicles) so therefore a motorcycle IS a motor vehicle. People just don't understand that the rules are enforced so everyone can be happy and treated fairly. I've lived at places where the rules were never enforced and was so uncomfortable I just had to move. I also don't know why they said you can't have a satelite dish, which is bull because I had one. You have to have a southern exposed apartment to pick up the signal. I don't know why these two people bad mouth the management, but I've lived in several complexes before and this place is the best by a long shot than the other ones. All I can say is I'm so glad that these people weren't my neighbors. I was so blessed to be surrounded by friendly people while I was there. I was very happy with my apartment. It had pretty good sized rooms and I really liked the walk in closet. The kitchen was a little small though. I had great neighbors and we all got a long. The landscaping is amazing! Anytime I had a problem with my apartment the maintenace staff almost always had it fixed the same day. Only one occasion I had to wait 1 day for my fridge to be fixed but only because the part had to be ordered. The last complex I had lived at took over 2 weeks for them to just look at my dishwasher that wasn't working! So if you want to believe the comments left by these people then go ahead but if you want to live at a comfortable, quiet, friendly place, then this place is definetly worth the time checking into.
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Terrace Apartments

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