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stingemaster • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/22/2007
This place seems nice at first glance but after living here and dealing with all the problems, I was very disappointed.<br><br>I visited Stoneridge twice prior to entering a lease agreement. Both times, representatives at the leasing office told me that it would be fine if I wanted to get a small dog. After signing the lease agreement and inquiring about pet deposits (a month or two after signing), I was told that I could not have a pet unless I moved to another building. <br><br>During the tour, you are shown a model apartment which is in pristine condition, however, the apartment I moved into was far from pristine.<br><br>The brochure lists many ammenities which are next to worthless (and shouldn't even be on the brochure). Take the "Business Center" as an example. The computers are extremely obsolete and have difficulty performing relatively simple tasks such as browsing the internet and checking email. Also, residents are only allowed to fax documents locally, and what does a fax cost...10 cents at most! The "Fitness Center" is also very poorly equipped although I was shown this during the tour.<br><br>The apartment I was in was extremely drafty. I could actually see the vertical blinds move when the wind blew and I could also see through the gap between the door and door frame.<br><br>When the tenants below me moved out, their unit was renovated which filled my apartment with paint fumes. During the first call to maintenance, I was told that someone would stop by tomorrow (meanwhile I had to huff paint all night). During the second attempt, I was told to close all my windows and doors, as this that would help remove the paint fumes and not keep them bottled up in my apartment. During the third attempt, I was told to open my windows and turn on all the fans, of course, this was in mid-January and there were freeze warnings in effect. I had to mitigate the problem myself by opening the windows of the apartment where the painting actually occured. This helped but my apartment still smelled like paint for two days.<br><br>I have been renting for close to 10 years now and every other landlord would do everything possible to make sure their renters were happy. Not so with Stoneridge. Due to the paint situation, I had to haggle with management to get two days of rent take off my bill. Then I had to ask for it in writing three time before I actually received it.<br><br>When the refidgerator started leaking, I had to call twice to get someone to come look at it. However, they didn't even fix the problem and the fridge still leaked. <br><br>When moving out, I informed management of my intentions as soon as I knew I would be moving. This turned out to be only 30 days notice and the lease agreement requires 60 days. I understood this and did not have a problem paying the full 60 days even though I would only occupy the unit for 30. However, upon leaving, my apartment was going to be renovated like the one below. Thus, management got a full month of rent during a time when they could not rent the apartment and were able to start the renovations early. On top of that month of rent, I was charged a fee (which is more than one month of rent) for leaving before my lease was up. In all fairness, this fee is part of the lease agreement but given the circumstances, I feel this could have been waived, however, management would not even listen to my reasons.<br><br>The management also offer $300 to previous tenants who refer someone and said someone enters a lease agreement. Even with this reward, I still would not recommmend that anyone rent at Stoneridge.
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Stoneridge Apartments

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