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Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/30/2007
This is the worst place I've ever lived. First of all, the apartment is waaay too expensive for what they are giving you. They said they cleaned the carpet but everytime I was home and sitting on the floor, it would make me my legs all itchy!<br><br>I never felt safe living there either. I'm a single female so I was always careful but there is a liquor store across the street and always weirdos going in and out. This one time, there was a strange guy parked in my spot for hours and hours, there is a really freaky fat guy that lives in the complex too who always stares at you when you are walking around outside... creeeepy.<br><br>Secondly, they want to get ALL the money they can out of you when you leave. I had to break the lease because I had to move back to Los Angeles. They charged me $500 for the "discount" they had given me when I moved in, and another $135 for cleaning the carpet! Who charges for cleaning carpets? That is the management's duty and it should not be taken out of the security deposit ESPECIALLY if the carpet makes people itch to begin with!!! I was barely even there, and I vacuumed all the time when I was there. The carpet was probably cleaner when I lived there than before I moved in!!<br><br>The management was a pain to deal with.. they hardly ever answered the phone, it was so annoying. Don't bother leaving a message, they won't call you back. It took them over a month to get me my mailbox key. There were so many other things I hated about this place and I was barely ever there. Trust me when I say its not worth it to live here.
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