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Homecoming at Terra Vista

11660 Church Street

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730



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Office Staff
Resident 2014 - 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/14/2015
I moved into Homecoming at Terra Vista in June of 2014 (about six months ago). The property has a lot of positives, which is why I initially chose to rent here. And yet I only rated it one star for a very particular reason. The positives: Lots of shade trees, lots of amenities such as a clubhouse and several pools, a small movie theater, a community garden, and spacious apartments. The maintenance people are very good and respond very quickly to service requests. The location is convenient, close to lots of shopping and a major city intersection. Most of the office staff are very courteous and helpful. The negatives: Parking is not good if you have more than one car and guests of the residents outnumber the residents at the pools and other amenities. They also don't accept online payments. The only one of these issues that affects me is the difficulty of finding parking for guests, so these are minor problems. Now I'll explain my one star rating: Over the past month, I've been trying to get the property managers here to deal with a public nuisance/health code violation occurring next door to me, without success. The neighbors on one side of me have a dog that doesn't appear to be housebroken, so they confine it to the patio 24/7. The dog poops and pees all over the patio and its owners only clean up the dog's piles of feces every day or so. (They wash the poop down a drain that connects to the city's storm drain system, which is by itself a violation of health and environmental laws.) It's a LOT of dog poop--at least two dozen piles a day--and as you can imagine, the poop stinks to high heaven and in hot weather, attracts flies and gnats. Unfortunately, the management has said that my complaints about the accumulated poop are "unreasonable" and there's nothing they can do. I pointed out that there are specific city and county ordinances, as well as lease clauses, requiring people to clean up after their dogs and not let animal waste accumulate in this manner, but the management's response was that they could easily find another tenant for my apartment who wouldn't be bothered by the piles of dog poop. My response was, and remains: "Who in their right mind would see (and smell) two dozen piles of dog poop on their neighbors' patio and sign a lease?" I have shown photographs to both the management and to friends and co-workers and asked them if they would rent an apartment where they would have to live next to a dog toilet 24/7. I have also had guests over who refused to sit on the patio because of the objectionable smell. A representative of Lewis Operating Corporation's management team refused to answer my question about wanting to live next door to two dozen plus piles of dog poop, but everyone else who has witnessed the situation or a photograph of it had the same reaction: "That's disgusting!" Not to mention a violation of city and county ordinances, the lease, and public nuisance laws. The reaction to this situation of site management and of the property manager at Lewis Operating Corporation's regional office mystifies me. There are constant exhortations from Lewis Operating Corporation for residents to keep the property clean. Here's a quote from a letter sent to all residents on December 7, 2014 from property management: "One of the key benefit of living in a Lewis Apartment Community is our commitment to providing our residents a beautiful and well-maintained property." One with piles of dog poop constantly on your neighbor's patio.... I don't know if other people are having similar or identical problems. I realize that this is a "pet friendly" property (although I don't have pets myself at this time) but there are supposed to be clear limits, such as the lease clause that requires pet owners to "immediately" clean up dog poop. 24 hours later is not anyone's definition of "immediate". The site manager did offer a "no fee" exchange from my current apartment to another one in this same complex, but since I would have to pay movers and go through the hassle of moving after only six months in the place, I've decided to stay and am weighing my options for other solutions that don't require management's cooperation. I'm especially wary of moving because I don't have any guarantees that management would deal with problems if they arose. It's unfortunate that they aren't being more helpful, because up until now, I really enjoyed living here! So, do you want to live next door to piles of dog poop? If the answer is "yes", then I have an apartment for you!
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Homecoming at Terra Vista

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