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Homecoming at Terra Vista

11660 Church Street

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730



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Nate_271 • Resident 2013 - 2015 Recommended
Reviewed 06/05/2015
Most people only write reviews if they have had a negative experience. That is why I want to reach out to potential renters, and let them know, that this is the best imaginable place possible. All of the negative reviews for The Homecoming are all BS. Probably written by the same people who complain about how happy people are during Christmas. This is one of the most beautiful properties in Southern California, and it's managed so efficiently that even the biggest Grinch would appreciate it. My wife and I have rented for years (a product of the housing market, and wandering around the country/world). There are over 2,000 people who live In this community. I have never seen anything quite like it. The homes are beautiful, and the entire property is extremely gorgeous. The walls are thick (no midnight interruptions from noisy neighbors), the staff is helpful, and you are surrounded by bars, restaurants, multiple malls and shopping centers, freeways (15, 210, 10,and the 60), and the entire community is gated. There are 3 pools, a dog park, play areas, tennis court, walking path, full gym, steam rooms, etc. It is truly a city within a city. You come home from work, and kids are playing in the fields, couples are barbecuing, families are swimming, and people are mingling. Parking has never been an issue in the two years we have lived here. Be real, there are thousands of people who live here, sorry if you sometimes have to park 100 yards away from your apartment if you get home late. Don't like it? Buy a house with a driveway. My wife and I unfortunately have to leave this wonderful place because we are relocating to Colorado for work. We will probably never experience anything like this again. We were spoiled. I do want to address some of the reviews on here though. 1. This isn't a hotel. If your toilet breaks in the middle of the night, don't expect someone to fix it within the next 15 minutes. There are thousands of people who live here. The maintenance staff can't get to everyone immediately. 2. The leasing office is not a law enforcement agency. If you can't handle asking your neighbors to keep their dog quiet, or turn down their music, don't blame the leasing office for you being a coward and a grump. This is a pet friendly property, don't expect them to kick people out, or bust down doors because you can't sleep. If it's that bad, call the actual police. Don't blame the leasing agents, who are by the way sleeping in their own homes, and could not possibly rectify your situation when all this "noise" is happening. 3. If you come home from vacation, and there are ants, use bug spray, or Raid ( shout out, expecting a lifetime supply). This is common sense. You have ants, you want them gone, do it yourself. You can't expect the leasing office to do everything. Do you want them to buy you toilet paper when you run out? Do expect them to fix your computer when it freezes? It is not their responsibility to make your bed and make sure there is no dust in your apartment. 4. Complaining about dog poop in your neighbor's yard is equivalent to putting your feet on the guy's chair in front of you at the movies. Who does that? Do you really look out your bedroom window all day, gazing into your neighbor's yard, and take pictures of dog feces? Dogs are not an issue at this property. Don't listen to the negative reviews about dogs. 5. You don't want things stolen from your garage? Don't leave it open. How is that anyone's fault but your own? If you lived in a house, and you left your garage door open, would you blame the city if something was stolen? Maybe your garage door was closed? Doubt it, but after the second time wouldn't you stop keeping valuables in your garage? 6. The property has strict rules about how many guests are allowed to park, use the facilities, stay in your home, etc. If you walk into the gym, and there are clearly non residents there, report it immediately. I have, and the problem was solved within five minutes. 7. If you don't read your lease agreement, that is your fault. Don't be lazy. Again, we are so sad to be leaving. Don't believe the negative reviews. We are currently still residents, but we will be moving in the next few weeks. Hands down, best place ever.
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Homecoming at Terra Vista

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