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Ironwood at Empire Lakes



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karbonkoncepts • Resident 2014 - 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/27/2015
I am a current resident and I am leaving this review to help anyone better understand this apartment community. I moved in late 2014, I leased a beautiful 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment with a nice view of the mountains. When I first moved in, I absolutely loved this apartment. However, there were some initial problems, the carpet was not cleaned or changed properly because we were infested with fleas. Very poor job by Ironwood in preparing this apartment overall. We also noticed roaches near the pantry area, not many but a few small ones. Upon spending the night here for the first time, we could smell the neighbors in the garage next us smoking marijuana all day long. Fortunately, they moved out about a month later. But again, poor management by Ironwood, when the contract clearly states this is a drug free community. My serious issues began in November 2014, with both our incredibly obnoxious and loud neighbors upstairs and with management. I will make this short, but the people if we can call them people, are extremely loud, well above the normal living noise. They go to sleep late and wake up super early in meantime making as much noise as possible. We have reported this to management around 10 times and all they say is we will record the complaints but don't actually do anything about it. The noise is clearly well over daily living noise and is not giving us the right to quiet enjoyment. I will start with WNG who runs Ironwood, a corporation that is only interested in making money,not solving anyone's problems. They have a section on their website where they encourage tenants to voice their complaints but don't do anything once they receive them. Secondly, the community manager Stephanie Shewmaker, has failed to do her job in solving this issue. She is never in the office, doesn't respond to phone calls and supposedly is who will ensure problems are solved. The leasing office in general lacks good customer service. The apartment construction is terrible here, however, the people who live upstairs are extremely inconsiderate and they are well aware of the noise they are making when they stomp and drop heavy items on the ground. I am in lieu of breaking my lease to get out of this place. This is by far the worst experience I have ever had, especially since the rent we pay is quite expensive.
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Ironwood at Empire Lakes

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