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Ironwood at Empire Lakes



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/14/2010
Parking was "always" a problem because any non-resident driving into the complex would feel free to park in anyone's parking space. Management refused to post signs stating that the parking spaces were reserved for residents. Noise was also a serious problem. There were continual issues with domestic violence, dogs barking out of control that were left outside and abandoned on the week-ends, people abusing the pool rules (playing loud music, yelling loudly after hours, drinking alcohol). Safety was a major issue. The complex became invested with hornets nests and management never did anything to remove them. Accumulated puddles of water were allowed to remain stagnant inside outdoor ashtray stands were mosquitos could breed. A major beehive was found above the ceiling of our bedroom and when I say major I mean humongous. Management refused to respond to any of these issues until I called Orange County Pest Control and they got written up. I never felt safe in that complex because every single night there was a huge line of non-residents trying to crash the complex by getting through the gate while a resident came through. In terms of construction, everything was built at the cheapest cost and it shows. We could never use our fireplace safely because it constantly leaked gas. Do you know how they came to clean the windows? They hung outside the window and kicked the hell out of our walls while they tried to clean the outside without falling out the window. I asked them why can't you use a ladder? They said, oh, that wouldn't be safe. In terms of staff, think "dumb and dumber" - completely dysfunctinoal.
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Ironwood at Empire Lakes

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