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Ironwood at Empire Lakes



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/23/2012
We've lived here for 6 months and are breaking our lease- one reason is because we are buying a house and the other reason is we hate it here. The facility is ok, but not very well maintained. The pools are nice, however people are allowed to be in there at all hours of the night, which sucks if you live near it, especially since the apartments aren't well insulated so you hear everything. The leasing office people are helpful, but aren't very courteous or happy, so it is kind of draining to go in and see them. Our biggest complaint is the people- we have witnessed drug deals going down in the parking lot, we've heard couples fighting and screaming at each other, and people seriously don't watch their kids. We also were unfortunate to have a crappy neighbor next to us, so we always hear her doors slamming, cabinets slamming shut, and her and her boyfriend are always fighting and yelling. Also, the electric stoves suck and are outdated, so they are pretty scary to use. People walk their dogs (big and small) leashless and don't give a crap if their dogs charge your leashed dogs, so that's pretty scary (I've had to run up flights of stairs to avoid charging dogs before). Finally, the air conditioner drain is located right above the bathtub (at least on the 3rd floor apartments it is), so occasionally when you take a shower or bath, cold water will randomly drop down on you from the ac unit- yuck. There are a few good things- the maintenance requests are answered quickly, there is ample parking, and you can pay rent online. We knew this apartment was a transition for us, but 6 months have seriously been way too long.
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Ironwood at Empire Lakes

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