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Ironwood at Empire Lakes



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/21/2012
I have been living in this complex for a few years now and it really gets worse every year. Please dont be fooled by how nice the apartments look. All they care is to get you to sign and thats it! For one they raise the rate regularly with new leases. For month to month they want to charge you an extra $600 in addition to to 50 or 100 dollars that have raised your rent. They want you to sign or get out. Most people live here for only a year, if that tells you anything. All my surrounding neighbors have left, complaining about the very poor customer service at the front desk and the raise in rent. Maintenance had to come twice to fix my dish washer and 3 times to fix my heater. They obviously dont know what they are doing. There are at least 3 apts vacant in my building and have been for a while I am assuming do the the over price rate of their apt. The funny thing is that they have a policy to raise the rent on vacant apts each day to make up for the lost revenue. How does that make any sense? Also they wash the floor in front of our doors with a water hose and all they do is soak my floor and bring in all the dirt. We have told them not only is this disgusting but but its a falling hazard to get our floors wet. They said "we know you aren't the only one complaing" THANKS!!!!! In the last 3 years they couldnt tell their cleaning people to be a bit more careful or at least give us a warning? I HATE THIS PLACE!!!! Overpriced and HORRIBLE customer service!!!!
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Ironwood at Empire Lakes

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