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Ironwood at Empire Lakes



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/10/2013
The community here is not safe and the management is very rude! This is my story: I forgot my Iphone in the apartment's gym. (The gym can be opened by key card only.) When I came back 1 hour later it was gone. Yeah, someone either worker or a person who live in this apartment turned the phone immediately off and refusing all my subsequent connection attempts. His/her action makes this place feel unsafe for everybody. The apartment has a surveillance camera inside the gym but refused to reveal to me because they are lazy to do so. Just said, we had to figure it out how it works! or said come with the police, we would show you the video content! They didn't contact me for updating the action also. I had to come to the ironwood office many times and finally they said the camera is recording live only! Unbelievable! The person in the office also defended the thief who steals my phone. She said the thief has no malicious intention to do criminal. She asked me what is your concern then?!? Definitely, if she lost her phone, all content and her photo are there - what is her concern?!? The thief who live or work in the apartment know you face, what is your concern?!? The management here is very rude and unreliable. If you think to live in this area, please find other places. They are many apartments around this area, which the management is not bad like this one!
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Ironwood at Empire Lakes

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