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Santa Barbara

10855 Church St.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730



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bobbdains • Resident 2012 Recommended
Reviewed 09/12/2012
I too have lived her at S.B. since the opening and have had a few issues with noise on the weekends, my keys being taken from the pool area, coffee not being stocked, fireplace and jacuzzi not working, dogs pooping everywhere, new blind installers not showing up on scheduled day and cars driving to fast and unsafe. However, with one phone call to the staff of Santa Barbara the weekend noise never happened again, my keys were immediately replaced (delivered to my door)------------ handed my daughter HIS coffee from his desk that he had just made for himself, amenities at the pool worked a couple of days later, dogs leftovers are now under a 'crap detector', blinds were taken care of immediately and are beautiful and speed bumps are being installed. We who live here are blessed to have a staff working so hard for our comfort and satisfaction. Our community have demanding and unrealistic tenants with entitlement issues, however, the Santa Barbara staff handle us with grace, understanding, patience and professionalism. I can not say enough about ----- ------- who is always available and makes sure I am greeted with a smile and of course, my coffee. She even made it for me this morning. ----- is as gracious as they come, ------- is delightful and helpful and ----- is always so courteous. ------- is --------- and always warm and ready on his feet to help out. ---- in maintenance is completely on top of his game and has always made me feel comfortable with his humor and the work orders are always completed on time. But ----- has always gone out of her way to make my life and families life comfortable, safe and most importantly, happy. ----- handles her over load of work with such calmness and an attitude that always lets you know that she is there for you with a 'no worry' type attitude. Crap is always going to happen in life and there is no 'perfect' place to live, but its the effort that Lewis homes puts into their communities that makes it worth living here. I am happy to be living here and always know that if I need anything, the Santa Barbara staff is only a phone call or a few steps away....... Thank you, ---------
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Santa Barbara

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