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Sierra Heights Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/08/2005
There isn't enough space for me to write the issues with this complex, and I hope anyone considering this place thinks twice (or three or four times) before renting here. In response to the previous reviews that would recommend this place, I would like to say you have been lucky and the so-called "idiots" who let their dogs use the bathroom everywhere probably do it out of spite for the management (I wasn't one of these people). Let me run down my experiences: 7 days and 4 phone calls later my air conditioner was fixed when it was 97-100 degrees outside, seeing as though they do not consider this an emergency; my dog was attacked by a pitbull whose owner uses the balcony as a place to store her dog, "Busta Rhyme," and hose down the excrement onto the pavement; I informed the leasing office and they did absolutely nothing. I lived next to gang bangers that used the escape route that was near my bedroom to hold gatherings, bang on the walls, and play extremely loud music until all hours of the night; I informed the leasing office 7 times and they did nothing until I threatened to break the lease, which later a maintenance man told me the office manager was giving the gang bangers time to solve the issue on their own without informing them it was an issue. This was even after the maintenance man found a bong outside their emergency escape door. Parking is atrocious and there are children running through the main driveway of the complex a good portion of the day. These poorly managed children will not get out of your way as you are driving through and one reached under my car once as I was pulling out from a parking space. Become close to God, because you will have to get on your knees and pray for anything in the apartment to get fixed, since the mainteneance people spend most their day chatting with each other on their little golf carts rather than working, and the management conveniently loses most of the work orders anyway. During the period where we had lots of rain, my roof began to leak and I informed the leasing office. Well, supposedly they fired the roofers and never re-hired roofers, so 5 months later when I moved out it had never been fixed and I am sure it will only be painted over when some other poor schmuck moves in. After I moved out, it took 42 days for me to get my deposit back, even though it is supposed to be guaranteed to reach you within 21 days. I had to call the management office and Western Property Management numerous times to get my money and eventually threatened to see a lawyer. If you get one thing out of my review, it should be the management never does anything and they are severely lacking in communication skills. You could consider this a reason not to rent or if you have no morals, are uneducated, and lazy with a huge chip on your shoulders, maybe you should apply for a job at Sierra Heights. Oh, and if you have an aggressive dog, this is a sure bet for you to find a place to live.
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Sierra Heights Apartments

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