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Terra Vista Apartments

10935 Terra Vista Parkway

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/10/2015
Mountain View Apartments My husband and I have been tenants at Mountain View Apartments for the last five years. While it was originally a great place to call home, this place has completely gone downhill within the last few years. It makes me sad to write such a negative review for a place we once loved, but unfortunately is something I felt like I had to do. In order to make this review as to-the-point as possible, I am going to highlight the key points that eventually pushed us to move out. -Most of the current leasing office staff is HORRIBLE. Girls in the front office are unprofessional, belittling, and have zero customer service skills. They are not knowledgeable about anything related to lease agreements and never give correct answers to questions. EVER. In our five years of living here, we have never had any issues with anyone in the office until these individuals were hired. (For the sake of not "hurting anyones feelings", I won't be stating their names, but it is pretty obvious to pinpoint who they are within the first thirty seconds of talking to them.) The leasing office staff alone could have easily been one of the biggest reasons we decided to move. -There are drugs present throughout the complex. We have witnessed first hand DRUG DEALS happening in broad daylight. Really sketchy individuals are slowly becoming more prominent throughout the complex each year. -FLEAS, FLEAS, FLEAS. Watch out for Spring and Summer time!!! This place is seriously infested with fleas. They are everywhere. Your apartment can easily become infested even if you don't own a dog! We literally spent hundreds of dollars on trying to "de-flea" our apartment because the only thing the complex would do for us was "spray the outside". -Pools during the summer time get out of control. Certain neighbors in the complex throw HUGE pool parties on a daily basis and literally scream the entire time they are out there. And when I say huge, I mean about 30-40 people out by the pool screaming, yelling, and screaming some more...leaving beer bottles and trash scattered everywhere. Office staff has been called about it and does not care. -Kids run rampant and scooter throughout the complex and parking lot morning, day, and night. I have seen several kids almost get plowed down by cars because they literally come scootering around the corner without watching for traffic. Parents are nowhere to be seen and office staff doesn't care. -Rent prices increase dramatically! -Some of the maintenance workers have no clue what they are doing. We had several requests to get our guest bathroom toilet fixed and while they came in more than several times and supposedly "fixed it", it still didn't work when we moved out. --I could honestly probably go on for a lot longer but decided to keep it as short as possible. In all reality, I know that wherever you live there is going to be problems. I get it. Apartment living is hard. Just keep in mind the neighbors, the surroundings, and the leasing office TRULY make a difference when deciding to move. While we are thankful to have had a place to live for the last five years, we are happy to get the H*LL out of there! Peace out Mountain View...hope your little painting upgrade and new pool chairs make ALL the difference in making the community a "better place".
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Terra Vista Apartments
(Mountain View, Sycamore Terrace, Parkview Place)

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