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Terra Vista Apartments

10935 Terra Vista Parkway

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730



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Office Staff
Tziva • Resident 2004 - 2011 Recommended
Reviewed 06/28/2012
I lived in Parkview for almost seven years before moving last year. The complex has some issues but is overall decent for the low cost. Details: Unfortunately, the office staff -- the people you have to deal with the most -- range from apathetic to outright rude. Some of them over the years were okay, but the standard seems to be people who act like you are putting them out all the time, even if you're just paying rent or picking up a package. We had some that forgot to put in maintenance calls or relay messages to the manager, or required four or five calls to get stuff done, or you go into the office and get ignored for twenty minutes while they chitchat, things like that. Our rent payment was lost a couple times, luckily we get receipts and could prove we paid. I was never impressed with any of them, and there were a few times I was outright angry. The maintenance staff, on the other hand, is AWESOME. Everyone who ever came to do work on our apartment was super friendly and polite, professional and efficient. Unfortunately we had major work done twice (water leak upstairs had to tear open our whole bathroom, and broken water heater had to tear open two walls of one bedroom, both cases for over a week of construction), plus the general maintenance calls for little stuff. Between that and the general age of the building, we saw the maintenance people a fair amount during our time here and I never crossed a single one that wasn't supurb. As far as the construction of the building goes, I think most our problems were just a combination of bad luck and just living there a long time. The apartments are older and with that comes some wear, but overall they seem pretty well built - better than a lot of the newer places, even. We even had a tree fall on us during a bad windstorm last year and it only cause cosmetic damage to the building. The inside is newly remodeled and nicely done. It's still an apartment so of course the walls are never as thick as we'd like, and the carpet is usually cheap, but overall still looks clean and new inside. The laundry facilities here are in good shape and centrally located, but it still sucks when you have to carry your laundry in the rain or wind, or you go there and some family decided that today was the day to do their 15 loads of laundry and every single washer and dryer is full (which happened a bunch, but it was always the same people. I got to the point where I could recognise their clothes). That was frustrating, but not the apartment's fault. The complex also has a gym and clubhouse (never used) and a pool. They keep the pool area really clean, but on weekends it's often crowded with families. And at night it sometimes is full of drunken frat boys who can get loud if you're right next to it. The grounds are nice and clean but nothing special. Parking is okay. You get one reserved spot and one free-for-all with a parking pass. Some areas have lots of space parking and some have very little, so it's hit and miss depending on where you you live exactly. I often had issues with strangers parking in my reserved spot but that's just the kind of thing that happens in apartments, I think. Noise varies. We've had one set of very very loud neighbours that partied in the middle of week nights and repeatedly got visited by the cops, and many that were quiet. Unfortunately any complex is going to have this, and it's going to vary based on your particular neighbors. We were lucky and mostly had a peaceful time without issue, and I would rate our experience as "quiet" overall. However, if you get unlucky with loud neighbors, the office staff is useless to help you (like they are useless with everything). And for the record, we were shocked to get almost all of our deposit back when we moved out. Like most apartments, especially those run by big faceless companies like Lewis, we figured they'd ding us for every little minor thing. We didn't trash the place, but after you live there so long, the carpet gets threadbare and things happen. However, we'd lived there long enough that almost everything ended up being a write-off due to age. That was a very pleasant surprise. It's a few hundred cheaper than almost all the newer alternatives in the area and while it isn't as nice as those, I still would recommend the complex to anyone who was looking for a place in that price range.
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Terra Vista Apartments
(Mountain View, Sycamore Terrace, Parkview Place)

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