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Terra Vista Apartments

10935 Terra Vista Parkway

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/06/2013
We have lived in the Sycamore Terrace complex for about a year and a half. We're quiet, low maintenance people so overall our experience hasn't been completely terrible, there is just an ever-increasing list of annoyances that I feel should be shared. When we moved in, the staff was pleasant. We aren't particularly needy and always pay our rent on time so the few interactions we did have with them were always friendly, smooth, and credible. A few months ago, with the opening of the brand new Santa Barbara complex just down the street, we're pretty sure all of those knowledgable helpful people jumped ship and left us with what is now the most idiotic community administrator and thus, entire staff of morons! I am overall unimpressed with Lewis Operating Corp in general and will definitely not be renting from them in the future (which may be a problem since they own almost every complex in town!) There is definitely no "above and beyond," basically you pay them on time and they leave you alone. They aren't the least bit accommodating or apologetic when things do come up and the "improvements" they implement in justification of your yearly rent increase include re-painting speed bumps and garage doors (gee thanks!). I do have to give props to the maintenance staff, they always get the job done and are very friendly. As far as crime, we've only had (or witnessed anyway) one instance of some kids breaking into garages but it turned out to be some kids from the complex just being stupid (they were all caught). I am however still a little paranoid about the lack of a security staff, and the night service manager is lazy at best. I'm a young white female and I've never felt unsafe while walking through the complex at night, I feel like a lot of these other reviews mention, your car is what's most vulnerable. Noise (rude neighbors) is our biggest gripe. I know it is the luck of the draw when living in an apartment but I am of the opinion that LOC will rent to ANYBODY! This includes allowing families with MULTIPLE CHILDREN cram into a one bedroom unit (hello, fire marshall?!). We've just gotten new up stairs neighbors and we have seen so many people coming and going in the two days that they have been here that we're not 100% sure who actually "lives here." And in the event that your neighbors are keeping you up well into the night, good luck contacting the night service manager. On several occasions we called and called to no avail, our calls even going directly to voicemail. We counted once, it took 13 calls for him to actually pick up. We're just glad that we've never had an actual emergency for him to ignore. We're currently toying with the idea of breaking our lease but are worried about what types of "technicalities" Lewis will try to hit us with. Bottom line is, these are the cheapest apartments in town therefore the "clientele" fits the bill. Unfortunately for young married couples like us, and young professionals that can't really afford more, you're just stuck mingling with the riff raff.
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Terra Vista Apartments
(Mountain View, Sycamore Terrace, Parkview Place)

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