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Victoria Arbors



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/26/2013
We value our residents...... That's what they say but unfortunately they failed to show it over and over again. 1) They failed to have the excercise equipment fixed in the gym and left for many months in an unusable state. 2) They have a security company that isnt responsive and takes several hours to show up when you call them with a concern and that is if they show up at all. 3) They held a resident appreciation event in which they offered to wash their cars from 4 pm to 6 pm and decided to stop washing the cars at 5:30 even when there was a resident there at 5:30 requesting to have their car washed. 4) They messed up on calculating our correct rent payment four times and rather than doing anything to make it right they offered a meaningless apology instead. 5) They hold events once a month if you're lucky but the staff will only talk amongst themsleves at the events rather than interacting with the residents that they say they value so much. 6) They only have one pool for over 300 units and they are unwilling to pay to heat it thereby leaving it so cold that most residents dont want to use it. 7) The residents that live by the pool (as we did) have to put up with drunk people partying loudly until 2 or 3 in the morning. 8) There was often a pot smell that drifted into our apartment through the stove vents from the apartment below us. 9) There was dog crap all over the place since so many residents refused to pick up afte their dogs. 10) The management made an appt with us to do a walk through and failed to show up for it and didnt call to say they wouldnt be able to make it. 11) We had our bike stolen from our garage 12)Many notices were posted during the one year we were there telling us that there had been break ins. The staff is friendly enough but unfortunately often showed themselves to be severely incompetent. They were often understaffed which led to extremely long wait times when you needed to stop by the office for something. We moved out of there last month and it was not a moment too soon. We now live in a much better place in Rancho that puts Amli to shame. And we're paying $250 less for rent as well! Bye Amli! We won't miss you! Sincerely, Glad to be out of there.
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Victoria Arbors

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