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Victoria Arbors



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Kristin_S • Resident 2016 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/06/2017
Please do not make the mistake of moving here. I should note that I've lived here for 11 months and when I moved in, it was under the management of AMLI. In May, the SARES-Regis Group bought the complex and ever since, it's gone completely downhill. I tried to write a list of all the issues I've had in great depth, but it was too long to post. So, I'll give you a short list instead. I'd be happy to elaborate on many of these issues if need be: 1.) Customer service is god awful. The manager Rueben, is an arrogant jerk who has no problem making snide, insulting remarks to the tenants. 2.) They lost a package I had delivered to the office which also happened to be an iPad. When I provided signature confirmation from Amazon that the leasing office signed for it, the package mysteriously was found. 3.) They discontinued their weekly landscape service and now there are ticks EVERYWHERE. I am not exaggerating. In the past week, I've found 6 ticks between my two dogs after I've taken them to go outside. The ticks are in the grass all over the place because it's not treated or mowed regularly. 4.) I was without hot water for 3 days and the front desk lady told me it was fixed. It was never fixed because the maintenance guy couldn't access my water heater due to a rubbermaid bun being in the way (and he couldn't slide it out of the way because?....?). But regardless, I received a phone message stating that my water was fixed and "working perfectly" when in actuality, the maintenance guy never did anything because of said rubbermaid bin. In all fairness, it was about 15 minutes before the office closed, so she probably just wanted to get home to her hot shower and not have to deal with it since it's not really her problem *sarcasm* 5.) They are trying to raise rent when the quality has gone down significantly since SARES-Regis took over. The grounds look horrible, it smells, the customer service is horrendous, there's trash all over the grounds, they can't get their online payment system to work, etc. It's a joke, yet they want to raise rent by $150/month. So, renter beware. This place has amazing reviews and rightfully so when AMLI owned the property. AMLI was fantastic. However, this new company is awful. Absolutely awful. They don't care about the residents, they don't care about the quality of the property. They only care about collecting their money. They are rude and incompetent in the leasing office. It's a real shame. Needless to say, I won't be living here much longer. This place is garbage and its all due to the SARES-Regis group.
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Victoria Arbors

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