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Eaves Santa Margarita



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knowsthebiz07 • Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/26/2007
In regards to that review written on 8/16/06 describing the ----- employee as a "bull dog", well that would be a very accurate description of ------. A "thief" would be another word to describe her. Oh, but she was the one they decided to keep on board. Boy, what does that say about upper management? And as far as the manager goes, named -----, the best word to describe her would be a PIRANHA. A Piranha because they are gutless, spineless, and heartless creatures. I was the employee that actually cared about the residents and treated them with respect, and if they asked me if they would be receiving an increase when their lease expired, I didn't lie. Then, on the day I moved into my "on-site" one bedroom apartment, after paying movers and all, I was terminated and told I had 7 days to move. I had just been hired on perm for two weeks. If Avalon treats their EMPLOYEES with such disregard and lack of compassion, don't expect them to care about you. Just a warning.Be extremely cautious when you do your "Move-In Inspection" and even more careful when you move out. INSIST on the manager being present during the inspection or you will regret it when you receive the bill in the mail saying they kept your deposit and you owe money.Take pics of every room. Also, I witnessed certain residents receive preferential treatment. If the manager really likes you, and you kiss her --- enough, she will lower your rent increase and/or she will allow you to get out of your lease and not charge you a lease termination fee. Also, residents who ----- and complain enough, and work the manager's last nerve, she'll let you out of your lease just to get rid of you and agree not to charge you. Just make sure you get it all in writing. (Wink). F.U. Avalon.
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Eaves Santa Margarita

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