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Orangewood Apartment Complex



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Office Staff
Resident 1998 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/10/2002
I have lived here 4 years, 2 reasons. Good rent & washer dryer in unit! It wasn´t worth it. When I moved in March 98, I asked all the usual questions,,Pests?crime? of course it sounded great. The property is infested with termites! I mean infested. for those that were naive like me and thought termites? so what? wait til you have a swarm at 2 in the morning. they were in the bed,the clothes,the carpet, sink, Yes, I said swarm!didn´t know termites swarm? neither did I. Now I am moving and paying more rent like I should have long ago. It wasn´t worth it. I can´t keep any of my furniture, most of my clothes have termite damage,and let me see you try to get a good night sleep when your apartment is buzzing with hundreds of swarmer termites! The owner Hunt enterprises,(Roger Hunt)didn´t care. I called him after the manager said they couldn´t do anything, and all he said was "legally termites are not a health hazard)can you believe some people? I had to thraten that if he didn´t send an emrgency exterminator, I had a video tape of the swarm and would call the news with the story. They sent a guy out the next day who looked, sprayed a little pesticide, and left. They returned in a week even worse. This has been a nightmare to deal with. If you rent at Orangewood REMEBER...I told you so! now I will offer some easy to obtain proof for those that think I am just some person with an isolated bad experience. <br> <br>The managers names are Barbara and Tina. Walk in the rental office and look above your head at the office lights....yes those large winged bugs are termites, in plain view. Just walk in if you don´t believe me. Next, ask to see a vacant apartment. Make sure you walk to the back or drive through. See the all the empty windows facing the lot? Yes, infested. Still don´t belive me, tell them you use to know somebody that lived there and you remember more trees, and wonder what happened? they will tell you they were all cut to keep bees away. You belive them? Go around the property and look how many stumps have tunnel scars. Yes termites. So severe they had to cut the trees to try to control it. My last wise words.......NO MATTER HOW CLEAN THE APT LOOKS WHEN YOU WALK THROUGH, AS SOON AS THE PESTICIDE WEARS OFF YOU ARE IN FOR A CREEPSHOW. Your furniture will be ruined, as well as your cotton clothes, not to mention insects everyday and every night!
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Orangewood Apartment Complex

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