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Palm Village Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/26/2007
I appreciate this apartment complex for a variety of reasons, like the utilities and the pets. People are allowed to have pets without a monthly fee, which is nice because it's great to see people walking their dogs and cats sitting in the windows and pets generally being part of the community. Water and trash are included in the rent, so the only utility we have to pay for is electricity, which is nice. We were told gas is included in the rent which kind of threw me for a loop because I thought that meant the heat, or the oven, or something would be gas powered but nothing is as far as I can tell so the electricity's a bit high. <br><br>When I moved in here with my 3 roommates, the apartment was in good condition and newly carpeted and clean. Within a brief period of time, however, the towel bars and toilet paper dispenser fell out of the wall (they weren't installed where there were foundations for them behind the wall) or were too flimsy to hold towels up without falling apart; it became apparent that the dishwasher won't wash dishes for you unless you wash them entirely first (and even then it may leave you a nice film of crumbs and soap), and the carpet started popping up at the edges because it was poorly finished off. The stairs' carpet now pokes up at the edges and exposes rough, unpleasant edges; our toilet paper has to sit on the floor; and we have to wad the towel up on the edge of the sink in the bathroom because there's no way to hang it otherwise. There's only one towel bar in the bathroom upstairs, so we had to hang our own hook things to have anywhere for our towels to hang. The sinks in the bathrooms are not equipped with towel bars, either. Within the first month here there was a plumbing problem as well and although it was fixed, there's still a strange stain developing where the water damage was, which makes me wonder if the problem was properly taken care of. In sum, the construction of the apartment is not the best - there are spackled holes where the towel bars and whatnot were apparently installed in other places before. Also, the floor layout was designed in a very long, narrow fashion that makes it difficult to gracefully furnish in any way that is truly comfortable and useable. In addition to that, there's no pantry space at all - the cupboards are few and most of them are way too high up to utilize frequently. My neighbor uses the closet by the front door to store her food. Also, the lighting situation is horrid - there are no central lights in either of the bedrooms, nor the living room. The dining room has a light, the kitchen and bathrooms have lights, the stairs have a light, and then the bedrooms have small lights above the sinks. My bedroom (the master) has a light switch that is not even connected to anything - including any of the outlets.<br><br>My biggest qualm though is that the manager is never around. The residents rely on her to refill their laundry cards so if you run out of money on your card, you may be hauling laundry to a laundromat a few weeks later because she's elusive and does not uphold the 8-5, four-days-a-week hours listed on her door. She'll even come in sometimes and then put a sign up saying something like "at lunch, back later!" or "I'm showing an apartment- be back soon!" and NEVER COME BACK. So you walk back and forth from your apartment to the leasing office every so often to check, and six hours later, she's still "showing that apartment." It's really frustrating.<br><br>She and her husband also smoke constantly at the first entrance into the main area of the complex so unless I want to enter it by the laundry room, I have to walk through smoke and have my asthma activated. I'd normally not judge, especially since they're doing it outside instead of inside where their kids are, but they smoke so frequently that even when they aren't out there it smells like cigarettes very strongly.<br><br>Along Lugonia the traffic is extremely noisy. I hear motorcycles and car accidents and honking and revving all the time; huge trucks drive by and it is also a main route for ambulances so we hear sirens at *least* three times a day. It's pretty noisy. The noise from my neighbors themselves is not bad but dogs bark and I hear yipping a lot that wakes me up very frequently.<br><br>The pool is not heated so if you want to swim anytime other than the summer, you're kind of out-of-luck. Just something to consider if you were hoping to utilize the pool year-round. <br><br>In sum, the apartment complex is not horrible but could improve in the realms of construction and management. The sprinklers flood the walkways every night, and the vents on the stovetop lead to (drum roll) 2 feet above your head! So if something's burning and you turn on the vent it just funnels the air out of vents at the top of the hood unit pointing straight towards the roof. So your apartment still fills with smoke. And there are no smoke detectors in the kitchen. The vent in the restroom doesn't seem to lead anywhere either (I could be wrong since I can't actually see where the outcome is for that one) but mildew is growing on the walls because the bathroom does not get adaquate ventilation at all. Mildew's not supposed to grow in desert bathrooms(!) - I've never had that problem before.<br><br>It's not a nightmare but it's not a super wonderful apartment complex either. Especially if you do laundry frequently or like hanging your towels.
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Palm Village Apartments

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