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Northview - Southview Apartments

8111 Reseda Boulevard

Reseda, CA 91335



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/14/2007
i lived in this complex for a little less than a year. it was ok in the beginning...when my boyfriend and i first moved in, i was pregnant with my 1st child. We tended to keep to ourselves and seemed to have no problems. When my daughter was 4 months we woke up one morning to realize that we had been robbed in the middle of the night....a home invasion. I have never felt so violated and scared in my entire life. What if we had woken up in the middle of the night? What if my baby had been in another room? They stole almost everything of value to us, most importantly my video camera w/all the footage i had of my baby girl. They had stolen our keys...which led them to steal our cars. These theives ended up robbing us 2 more times since they knew what cars we drove and when we were or were not home...they rented porn on our tv's & proceeded to steal more each time they came. After the 1st robbery we asked to move as i no longer felt safe. The management, Davlyn Properties had no sympathy & were surprisingly rude. The only reason they finally agreed to let us out is because they had advertised the building as a safe environment, with cameras & security gates. We found out the cameras didnt work when the police investigating our case had requested to see the videos. And their "security gates" were always broken.<br> So basically this place is great unless a problem arises...then it becomes a heartache. Also we had constant problems w/bugs & infestation. The walls are paper thin & we were often kept up during the night from loud neighbors. Stay FAR away from this place & any other properties you see from DAvlyn (p.s. the next property we moved into was also a davlyn property and it only got worse living somewhere where these crooks owned)
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Northview - Southview Apartments

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