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Villa Sorrento Apartments



Resident · 1999 - 2008
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Office Staff
Electric Emergency Signs are either broken or missing on all floors, this signs are supposed to guide tenants out of the building in case of emergency by providing light if the emergency occurs at night time. Bird Feces on all floors, trash on stairwells, trash strewn about on exit passage ways Mold on bathrooms that go untreated if tenants do not agree to pay for removal exit doors with broken locks or blocked by shopping carts stairwells hallways covered with graffiti, vomit, trash and urine. False advertisement as the street sign clearly indicates pool as an ammenity, the pool remains close even during heat spells as the manager refuses to open it or only opens it during certain days to let her sons swim. False advertisement as signs indicate that premises are watched by close circuit cameras but the entire system failed after last manager retired. No appropiate maintenance done on fire hoses and fire extinguishers. Elevator permit expired, elevator breaksdown at least once a month. Roach and other vermin infestation on most apartments, the Management Company has set a limit of only 5 apartments to be visited by exterminating per month. After hours management presence is absolutely none, Manager will not even open her door and posted signs advising tenants not to knock on her door. After hours emergency telephone is answered by less than cordial answering service. Work requests go unworked for at least a minimun of a week. Building supervisor Mo Menlo is less than helpful and he in nothing but a glorified rent collector, Google either Century Quality Management or his grandfathers name Sam Menlo to realize what a reputable company owns this facility. The manager Sandra is a mean spirited and foul mouth no class person whose appearance and attitude is less than professional, the only thing consistent about her is her racism and hate of everyone at both the building and her own management company. Nor vendors or co-workers really want to work with her.
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Villa Sorrento Apartments

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