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Canyon Park



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/14/2007
if you look at all the people that had bad reviews they all had problems with their credit. i think that is why they posted their opinion because they could not get in here. i was on a waiting list for 3 months so you need to think that if there is a waiting list for that long something is good about this place. i have been living here for over 3 months now. i had researched every apartment complex in riverside and corona and even though there were 4 different people saying not to live here i decided to and i think it is great! <br>i have never had a problem with the management they are very nice. <br>the first month is really hard because you hear the train go by all the time (you need ear plugs)but you get used to it. the apartment is very nice and clean and the neighbors are really friendly. it is very quiet here(i have never heard loud music or anything disturbing) and you do not have to worry about your vehicle getting broken into. your parking spaces are lighted and security constantly goes by. One of the reviews said that the back is not gated which is true but there is a fence and behind that is a gated commercial building so no one can get in. i did have 2 people park in my spot but i parked right behind them blocking them in so they could not leave and i called management and both times they called a tow truck and sent someone out, but in about 5 minutes the people came out and moved their car. i even had a problem where i needed to flip a breaker switch and 1/2 of my apartment did not have any electricity that happened the day before christmas eve (they said due to the wind) and the office was closed for the hollidays but the phones lines get transferred to an answering service and they sent someone right away (i only had to wait 15 minutes). the guy that said there is bird poop all over is crazy. it is very clean and they even pressure wash the concrete (at least they did once since i have been here). the only thing bad about this complex is that the walls are too thin. i would recommend the top floor. you can hear people going to the bathroom or taking a shower upstairs,i have heard people having sex while i am on my patio but they had their bedroom window open it is right next to mine. but overall i love living here i am very happy i moved here. i would rather put up with the minor things than to have my truck broken into or have cops constantly around my apartment or to deal with loud music, etc. you need to think about all the people who are happy here that do not know about this website and can't put in their opinion. the other review that said riverwalk is better? there are no homeless people here digging in the trash! if you have decent credit and can afford it i would move here, it is worth the money.
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Canyon Park

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