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College Park Apartments



Resident · 2008 - 2009
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Office Staff
Upon moving in the management was pretty good--quick to respond to my concerns, friendly, and really did ethical business by keeping the tenants informed in a manner that would reflect that they valued the tenant. Recently the management has changed, and the new management is absolutely rude, demanding, restricting, and discriminating towards kids. First, we never received notice of management changing. Nobody told us the management office changed, or the phone numbers changed. Nothing! Second, when we didn't get notice of management changing we went to put our rent check in the drop box, like every other month, because we thought it was the same. We realized that the apartment where the drop box was vacant so we kept our money. I'm sure they would've triedd to charge us late fee is if we hadn't figured out where to put our rent check. When I did see the new manager, she didn't introduce herself, she just said she "was with the building." I had no idea she was the new manager, she didn't offer an introduction, which would've been common business courtesy. I thought she was a regular tenant like me. And, I still don't know her name. She doesn't make herself known. Third, the new management is putting up letters every few days on the post box, or on our front doors demanding the tenants to follow their new rules. Some of the "new rules" are to not have non-patio items on the patio. Now, what exactly is a non-patio item? It is relative to the tenants way of living. I see a TV on one patio, bikes on another, a blow up pool on another, clothes drying on a chair on another. What is pation appropriate? A table, chairs, and plants? It's vague and judgemental. Another "rule" is to advise the paying tenants that if they are late on rent it will no longer be a $50.00 late charge, but is now a 10% of the rent. From my experience, tenants are late with rent because they don't have money. The $50.00 charge would be reasonable, but now they are raising the fees (more than double) to make it more difficult on the already struggling tenants--it's unethical, cruel, bad business and human relations. Yet another "rule" is to restrict children from playing with sidewalk chalk on the sidewalk, and if the kids do the new management is threatening to charge the tenants a $25.00 clean up fee. Okay, enough is enough. I have kids. Kids play outside, and to restrict them from being kids is very discriminatory. It is a personal threat to those of us who have kids. Mind you, this "no chalk rule" was made the very next day after about 7 kids were drawing pictures on a small strip of sidewalk on the apartment grounds. Now, fair is fair--there are some tenants with dogs. Those tenants who walk the dogs in the small yard where my kids play do so every day. The dogs poop in the grass and then the dog owners don't clean it up. So, my point is "it's a double standard." It is evident that when the management doesn't see a tenants behavior as being acceptable to the management, they put a letter on the tenants door to notify them of the new change in rules. Now, when my contract is up I may have to move because I am not happy with the rude, discriminating, unkind people running the complex. Unfortunately, when I leave the next person will have to learn the hard way unless things change. This complex only has 35 apartments, so the people are more familiar with each other than at a complex with 100 apartments. I feel the management is taking advantage of people during hard economic times when people are looking for a decent place to live because they lost their house, or they got laid off from their job.
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College Park Apartments

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