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Corona Pointe Resort



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Office Staff
Resident 2002 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/18/2005
I have lived in this complex since November of 2002. In the beginning, I was pretty pleased with the place. Now I can't stand it! Where should I start?...<br><br>I live beneath what must be a couple of college guys. They play music/listen to the TV incredibly loud until the wee hours of the morning, stomp around, have parties all the time. I've complained numerous times to the management and nothing has happened.<br><br>They cut down the patio fences to about 3.5 feet and you can now see just how horribly people keep their patios. There are weeds growing above the fences, trash bags, old refrigerators, etc. My neighbor across the way actually had a brown, crispy X-mas tree out there until June. I complained about the fire hazard, still nothing was done.<br><br>They built new garages (that you can rent for an extra $100 a month...rip-off) and in doing so eliminated most of the guest parking. It is impossible to find spaces anymore. I came home one day to find someone in my assigned space and I ended up having to park half way across the complex.<br><br>I renewed my lease (under durress) in August and never received a copy of my lease. When I called and reminded them, I asked them to please get on the ball and mail it to me. They told me they couldn't mail it, that I would have to go in. I thought that was ridiculous. Also, when I renewed, I wanted a 6 month lease (which they had offered before) and was told that the shortest term they offered was 10 month. <br><br>I received a notice (open where everyone could see) about getting evicted for not paying rent. I had paid my rent on time and I knew the check was fine. They stated that I had received it because I didn't pay my month-to-month fee. I got extremely upset because I signed a lease, thus negating the month-to-month fee. I came to find out that my new lease had never been input in the system and had been sitting on someone's desk for the last 2 weeks. I was furious.<br><br>To sum up...don't move in here. They are letting just about anyone in here now, and the class of people has gone way down. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere.<br>
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Corona Pointe Resort

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