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Esplanade Apartment Homes

11711 Collett Avenue

Riverside, CA 92505



Prospective Resident · 2013
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Office Staff
If you want to lose $135 in 2 minutes, try applying for an apartment at the "Esplanade at Riverwalk." After a long week of looking for a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment, I thought I found the perfect match for me. All of the parking for future tenants were taken, except for 1. They of course weren't prospect, but actual tenants parking there, so i figured parking was going to be a problem. ------- was the leasing agent that showed me around. she was very nice and courteous but because they "forgot" to chage the golf cart, we had to walk an extremely long walk, while in heels to look at 1 of the units, pus it was on the 3rd floor. The area and community was very well kept and beautiful. Also the apartment I wanted came with a garage so I was excited and all ready to apply. I left the complex to look at one more apartment just to make sure I was picking the right one. ------- forgot to give me my I.D. back, which was ok, but when I came back, ------- was busy assisting another prospect. No problem. The girl whose desk is right next to -------'s was completely rude and pretty much acted as if she didnt want to be bothered with me. She barely talked to me and was just like "you have to fill out the app online." Ok? Then at least help me. She didnt't want to answer any of my questions and everytime i tried making any conversation she was just silent or looking around like she was bored. Despite my better judgement, I filled out the application on her computer as she just stared at me and yawned like i was talking to slow. Then as it got to the payment information, I told her that I didnt want to pay the $100 holding fee until i was Sure I was approved. I also proceded to tell her I would rather use a check instead. She said n problem. She then walked away and came back and asked if i was done yet.... Really? You still havent told me HOW I can use a check while applying on your stupid website. She proceded to tell me to just input my rounting and account info and you're done. Ok, sure. So I did and we both waited for a few minutes and she just looks at me and say "you weren't approved, let me go get someone to tell you why." Ouch!! Ok,so then a leasing agent who knew what she was actually doing, came over and looked to see why I didnt get approved. Ok, I was fine with it. Here comes the kicker. She then says "we would of course keep the $35 but we will mail you back the holding fee in 15 days."WHAT!!! She never told me that, she just told me i could do a check. So I'm out of $135 with nothing to show for. By the time I get that $100 back, it will be 2014. So yeah, thanks Esplanade for telling me about that. If I knew this information, I would have never ever applied at this weak place. Brookstone villas had a free application and holding fee only if you are APPROVED. They are also cheaper. So I will just try them. Thanks Esplanade for wasting my time AND Money.
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Esplanade Apartment Homes

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