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Granada Pueblo Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/11/2007
I would not recommend living here. To start off, the walls are very thin and you can hear neighbors on both sides very clearly. After 10pm neighbors become upset when you play music, or watch t.v. or even have late night conversations. If you live on the top floor you must tip toe around the apartment to ensure the neighbors below won't file a complaint. If you live on the bottom floor, you are often filing complaints about the neighbors casually walking up top, because it sounds like they're stomping!<br><br>In addition, there is an ant problem. Although maintenance is very helpful, it is hard to leave for a day, and not come back to trails of ants in your cabinets!<br><br>Hot water never lasts over 20 minutes, forcing one to take short showers to avoid the freezing water!<br><br>And above all problems, the management is clearly unprofessional. I was tempted to file harassment but was afraid of eviction. Certain members of the management are very nosy, rude, condescending, and incredibly out of line. Management often forces way into my private life and puts me on a mission to avoid them EVERYDAY! The noise, ants, and water problem could all be easily ignored, but with a management like this, I CANNOT WAIT FOR MY LEASE TERM TO BE OVER. <br><br>I truly DO NOT recommend living here. Do not be fooled by the affordable rent prices, because it is truly not worth it.<br>
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Granada Pueblo Apartments

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