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Vesada Apartment Homes



Resident · 2011 - 2012
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Office Staff
The apartments look nice, but looks are deceiving. Management will lie to you just to get you to sign a lease. At least that's what my experience was. They told us they could get my husband and I two carports, but last minute they said they couldn't. I figured it wasn't a big deal, but parking is horrible! There has been more than one instance when all spots are taken, even my carport. It's completely unacceptable. Then there is the upkeep. There is trash everywhere. It seems to have gotten worse than when I first moved here. I'm scared to walk outside by any plants/bushes because of the skunks. They hang around the trash and plants/bushes. There is bushes leading to my apt and have had skunks about 2ft from me ready to spray. My apt faces street and the noise from the cars is very noticeable even with all the windows and doors closed (Actually, my windows are always closed b/c of this). The walls are thin, and neighbors are easily heard. I can hear them closing their doors, talking, watching tv, even using their bathroom, etc... There have been instances of gas siphoning as well as other safety issues. The gym is dirty and some of the machines have not been working since I've moved here. The pool is always fool of little kids. They made a huge deal out of changing the kitchen light when it kept flickering and they wouldn't change it until it was literally burnt out. So we had very poor dim, flickering light for about 5months. They allow pets, which is good, but they don't enforce any laws like keeping dogs on leashes or controlling barking dogs. I've had dogs almost attack me while I'm trying to just get to my car.
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Vesada Apartment Homes

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