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Springview Oaks Apartments



Chris Ramirez
Resident · 2017
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Living here has been a complete nightmare! The office manager Marilyn Guy is a rude, unprofessional, and disrespectful old lady. Not to mention she is never on time to her office and for appointments. If you make an appointment with her expect to be waiting a hour plus. She has been harassing me and my girlfriend about taking some mason jars and a shade down off our patio because she says it is a eye sore meanwhile we have a neighbor who has a apartment that looks like a hoarders house. She has tons of junk on her patio, things hanging from her patio, stuff in front of her door and out around her apartment. It has to be a fire hazard but when i brought this up to Marilyn she was like "well that is your opinion". Are you serious? You continue to harass us for a shade and some mason jars but this lady can let her place look like a junk yard. Marilyn has yet to give us a copy of our lease after asking multiple times and always tells us to refer to our rules and guidelines which she hasnt given us a copy of either. She also likes to have her maintenance guys spy on you so be careful when they come over to fix something. Which reminds me we have several repairs that needed to be done to our apartment that were never fixed. When i confronted Marilyn about all this she she argued with me than tried to kick me out of her office. She asked me when our lease was up and i told her dont worry we are not planning on staying here and she replied good! I told her i regret ever moving here and she said i regret taking you and than started to mock me by saying "Ohh poor you". I told her she is a rude little old lady and no wonder there is bad reviews online about her, she replied "they are probably from tenants like you". At that point i had enough of this unprofessional lady and gave her the finger and walked out. She than screamed dont come back to my office! If your looking to rent i would advise you dont rent here. It is a nightmare!!
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Springview Oaks Apartments

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