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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/13/2007
I moved in 7 months ago thinking this was a great complex. The apartment seemed nice, the staff friendly, and the rent seemed high but I was willing to pay for it as long as I had a nice quiet place to live. As it turns out, the neighbors are generally quiet, although the walls are thin (my neighbor has been throwing up for the past few days....and he snores). The management is lazy and the property maintenence is horrible. The grounds are generally well maintained (they could definately use paint) but if you want anything fixed inside your apartment, good luck to you. My screen door is tearing itself apart because it is the wrong size and they were supposed to have it fixed 7 months ago. The fire alarm goes off every time I take showers (and I only take 5-10 minute showers) and the management will not do anything about it. I have to put tin foil over it to keep my sanity. Also, they will promise new gym equipment but no one will ever see it; apparently they have been talking about it for a year. The laundry is expensive at $3.00 a load and the water/garbage bill is about $45 a month for a 1 bedroom apartment. Also, sometimes the outdoor lighting does not turn on and it gets really dark. The light switches also do not work in my apartment, I have checked all of the sockets in my house 3x with 2 friends and they just don't work. When I asked the office staff about it I got into a 20 minute discussion about how I did it wrong.....I have a degree in engineering.... I know how a switch is supposed to work; and the still didn't have it checked out by maintenence, she wanted me to try it again (she suggested that the sockets always have power and even when the switch is off and if I carry a lamp around the room rather than something smaller the socket will magically work).Do yourself a favor, move somewhere else.
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