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Crossbrook Apartments



Resident · 2014 - 2016
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Office Staff
I had a 15 month lease and I was miserable the entire time. I had specifically asked for a unit with storage space in the back. I was given the unit that contained the water heater for the entire section of apartments. When I asked the manager for a new apartment I was told that I would have to wait and redo the original lease and possibly pay more. Of course they don't let you see the unit until the move in date and I already had scheduled movers to come my move in date. Also, I rented a 2 bedroom because we were expecting a baby. Come to find out there was mold coming up from the ground and into the walls. Management says it was because of the single pane windows and the windows needed to be left slightly open to allow moisture in. There is no way I was going to allow my new born baby to sleep in molded room and leave the windows open! To add this, in the 15 months that I lived there they had their pipes burst or crack on 4 different occasions which caused the water to be turned off for a long period of time and also once turned on the water would come out dirty for a number of days. In the 15 months there were 5 different managers on site, and because if this none had to be held accountable and the new manager would say they knew nothing of it. In leaving this horrible place, I cleaned the apartment so well that when we did the walk through the manager at the time said they would not charge a cleaning fee. When I received my check they charged a heavy duty cleaning fee! Of course when I call and question this, the manager at the time is no longer there. So an new temporary manager says that they are in transition and will look into the matter. This place is horrible and is not worth giving even 6 months worth of rent. You get more grief then you do anything else! Just to top it off the tenants with dogs or cats there do not pick up there animals droppings so watch where you step!
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Crossbrook Apartments

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