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Resident · 2012
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Office Staff
I thought I found a great place at first but was not allowed to see the actual apartment until the day I moved in and there were lots of problems I noted on the move-in walkaround but none of those issues were addressd until I made an additional maintenance request and still nothing was ever really fixed even after several visits by the maintenance staff. There is a train that goes by every 15 minutes all day and all night and I get no rest from all the children here. It is so noisy I have to keep my windows shut ALL the time. All the appliances are the cheapest possible and are VERY loud I cannot hear my t.v. when everything is going and the air conditioner runs all the time and still doesn't keep my apartment cool and was told that is normal. Every time I have a maintenance issue, I'm told it's normal and nothing can be done. Mold around the window and I'm told to clean it with some bleach and that it's normal also. I was happy to see a 'no dog' policy yet there are dogs all over the complex including one in the managers apartment... but they are all supposedly 'companion dogs' . What prompted this review was me walking in the office to hear a very unprofessional conversation between the staff about a tenant. It was so bad and I was so uncomfortable hearing it, I left before they knew I was there and it makes me wonder what they say about me when I'm not there.
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Bridges at Woodcreek Oaks

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