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Deer Valley Apartments

1801 Eureka Rd

Roseville, CA 95661



Resident · 2015
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Oh gosh where to begin..... I love this area..very clean, quite just beautiful. When I first found this place I fell in love with it.... it WAS everything I could ask for. We ran into a little bump with the rental price but nothing that didn't work its self out in the end. I live in a 3 bedroom and this place is pretty big compared to our last apartment. We have 3 kids so the space is great. I am pretty disappointed in Deer Valley... They say " where the experience matter" but i feel my experience didn't/doesn't matter. Every room in this apartment has one thing or another wrong with it. Carpets in every room are coming off to where you can see the cement... I have to cut the threads off the carpet because they'll stick out or get pulled when you Vacuum... there's paints on carpets, cabinets, blinds and windows.... The painter isn't doing a professional job. I've had watering linking issue with under my kitchen sink and that issue isn't and probably won't ever get fixed... I've stopped asking about that. I was told before signing our lease that in 2-3 months every apartment at Deer Valley would be replaced with full size washer/dryer... I haven't heard back about that. My dryer is awful... I literately can only dry 2 towel at a time otherwise is won't dry. I've had the maintenance guy come and do stuff to it but it still isn't fixed. I still have to take my bed sheets to laundry mats which was something I wasn't looking forward to continue doing. I am unhappy about my experience with Deer Valley but I guess I had very high expectation from them and they certainly didn't meet it. I was also asked by the manager if I had looked at the apartment before leasing it... I felt I was pretty much being told well you saw it and there isn't much we can do if you leased it now. First when I saw this apartment it was and is very dark on this side, barely any light... now had I been told I should bring a flash to inspect the properly then yes I wouldn't of taken this unit. I have never had to inspect carpet. I feel this property it self is very clean and nice but we just got screwed over. I am certainly not getting my money worth. I know everything has its wear and tear damages but as a rental property there should be a guide line on how thing should be dealt with as far as carpet tearing and paint on carpet. I've been told couple of times that my carpet isn't old at all but my concerns aren't the years the carpet has been in this unit my concerns are they are coming off and have paint and discoloration and other things wrong with it. As for staff I am not completely sure what to say. They all seems very polite but as we all know it is part of their job descriptions. Cassidy was very nice and patient with us while we did our back and forth with this property. I also feel some days when I call to complain or ask for something I feel I am annoying the staff but I really don't care if I am because this is their job and we don't live here for free nor is it cheap. So I do apologize to the staff if I've become your annoying renter but I also want the staff to know I'm a very unhappy annoying renter. ThankYou.
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Deer Valley Apartments

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