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Quail Ridge Apartments



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Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/21/2007
I signed a one year lease to save a few bucks and to help out a relative. It was a dumb mistake. I lost more money here then I would have paid for somewhere else.<br><br>When we signed our lease, we signed it for a specific apartment, and ended up with an apartment that had been vacated for two years. They did not let us see the apartment before we moved in. It smelled of smoke, pet hair, and mold because of the carpet. I was sick for an entire two months and could not work because of the smell and odor. They told us that the smell would come out once the bottom floors were cleaned out due to premiscuous and sloppy tenants. The smell did not go away, because it was our carpet that was emitting the smell. No one at the office did anything about changing it.<br><br>There are rats living in our walls that shimmy down the range hood and into our cubbards. They've found everything edible in the cubbards and helped themselves. Management did not bother to send anyone out until it was way too late. I've lived with the rats for months, so what's another two weeks until I move out of this dump?<br><br>Water pressure is terrible. If anyone else is using water in the same building, your water is somehow affected as well. I have neighbors who use their shower five times a day. Chances are that I am doing dishes or showering at that time. Water pressure is non existent. That problem was communicated to the management office at least 8 times and nothing was done about it. <br><br>I've had one of my cars towed while living here. It broke down and I had to park it underneath a tree that is prone to leaking sap. Naturally, the car got fairly ugly within a few weeks time. The day my boyfriend came to clean, fix, and sell it to a buyer we had, we found out that it was gone. I was out of town. When confronted about it, management claimed that they did not have time to check if it belonged to a tenant. When confronted about it again, the same management represenative could not recall the situation and insisted that he was not at this location when the incident occured, and blamed his assistant. Uh huh.<br><br>They lost my rent check one month. That was a very pleasant experience indeed.<br><br>There are severe irrigation problem in some areas of the grounds. One happens to dump right into a crevese underneath the staircase to my apartment. I had to step over a five-foot wide, 5 inch deep puddle of water just to get out of the building and onto solid groud. Last time I checked, I wasn't a duck. So why am I suspected to swim home?<br><br>They failed to notify me about three packages that I had waiting for me in the management office. One was a return from a customer of mine, dated in March. And the other an order which I got in trouble with the Postal Service for filing a claim on because I did not receive it. I did not get either package until June. One package was held for only one day before it was sent back to the sender.<br><br>Management is a joke. I never receive calls back. They have both of our phone numbers, but expect whoever happens to complain in the office first, my roommate or I, relay messages back and forth from them.<br><br>The neighbors are all nice, keep to themselves, and do not cause trouble, but I do not enjoy hearing the mariachi playing in the middle of the parking lot along with the buddies hollering and drinking the beer.<br><br>I'm just aspiring a problem with my deposit now as I am waiting to move out. I just learned a neighbor moved in finding that an inch of carpet around the baseboards was missing from the floor. And now they are suing him for tamepring with it. We moved in with a great big spot on our floor. I'm just dying to see what they do now.
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Quail Ridge Apartments

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