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Atrium Court



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/26/2007
Ok let me start with cheap, poorly constructed. I dont know what happened when they made this place but I guess when they were painting the apartments instead of taking the proper precautions of covering their feet they decided to just step in the paint and then go from floor to floor with the paint on the bottom of their shoes beacuse on all of the stairways there are white painted shoe prints everywhere. The walls are paper thin. I mean its really not necessary for me to know what time my neihbors alarm clock goes off, when they go to the bathroom and at what time, how offten and how long they have sex. Thanks but no thanks I'll pass. And the parking here sucks. I've lived here a little over 2 years and they've just givin everyone assigned parking and even thats bad when I have to walk clear around the building when there are perfectly good free spots right in front that they just decied not to give out. I understand that visitor have to park but the priority should go to the tenant first. I may sound winey but let me tell you with a 6 year old and an infant walking to my car in the rain can be an ordeal. The lanolium on the floors comes up after you've mooped a few times and because the cabibnets are cheap and have paper that resimbles wood grain on the front of them the papers comes off when wet. So all my cabinets below my sinks are almost completely pilled off. Yeah I'm so proud to have guest come over. And the crime her is unbelievable. Rumor has it there was a swat raid just a few months ago. And when I first moved in here a woman was shot and killed in the front of the apartments. The kids are always running around pulling the fire alarms and because only the fire department can turn them off, they would be going off for 10 to 15 minutes. Oh I'm not done yet after two year I have a lot to complain about like the carpet. The carpet is so cheap that after 5 or 6 months it was completely flat. Let me tell you the only reason I still live her is because I am fed up with apartment living and until I can move into a house even if that means renting a house I will stay.
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Atrium Court

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