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Copper Creek



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Resident 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/12/2006
Several SEX OFFENDERS live here! To begin with we were lied to about what our rent would be. We were told it would be 600/month because of a special that was going on. We were initially given an apartment that was ALOT smaller than the one promised. We finally got an apartment of the size first shown and promised. HOWEVER when we went to sign the lease, we were made out to be liars about what we were suppose to pay. We were stuck in agreeing to their "new" rent amount because we had already told our old apartment manager of our move out date. We would have been homeless if we hadn't signed!! We even had asked the person that initially signed us up if there would be a rent increase or if we needed to sign new papers for the apartment switch. We were told "no" by her that we just needed to come in a couple days before move in to sign. What a crock of bull! We were also told that there was storage on the porches. We were surprised to find out that the "storage" was for the hotwater tank! This place does some weird water cost sharing thing where each building divides up the cost of water/sewer/trash. It stinks! To start, because of the hot water tank being outside, it takes alot more water to run before it heats up. Our washer/dryer broke. It took TWO weeks to get it finally replaced!!! And SEVEN times of calling management about it!!!!!!! We have no keys for the pool area. Everytime we ask management about anything we get "I really don't know" answers. Frustrating to say the least!! Cabinets! Cheap cheap cheap!! I have had to replace 2 cabinet doors with larger screws, because too small of screws were used and the cabinet doors just fell off! I'm still waiting for the doors above my head to come off and knock me unconscious! My bathroom keeps flooding and still have no idea what that is about! My apartment is flea infested and I don't even own a pet!!!!! If you need to mail something larger than a standard size envelope - forget it! Even though there is a mail area, there is no access to mail larger items. You'll need to go to a post office. For safety, it gets only 1 star. This is due to the fact that there are 2 SEX OFFENDERS living in the complex and the constant flow of police cars through here. Management was made aware of the sex offenders and have only offered the explanation that they do background checks. This is totally untrue as when we applied for residency the only background check done was for credit history. For the positives - Neighbors are very friendly here. It's a wonderful change from the last place we lived. In a months time, I know 3 of my neighbors names compared to living at our last place for 8 years and never did know them! The view is wonderful. We have a grand view of the wooded area and creek. Nature at it's best. There are hummingbirds around and lots of cats. Parking is a NIGHTMARE now. Being somewhat disabled, at first it was frustrating to get a spot close to our apartment that you didn't have to pay extra for. I at first didn't purchase a covered spot since had to pay more for rent than what we were told! Now we are forced to either pay for the garage spaces that they are building (75.00 more a month) or pay for covered parking (15.00 more month). Even while having a reserved covered parking spot, there have been quite a few times that residents and guests have parked in our spot! Because of all the garages going up, there is less than ever parking spaces. Even this of course management lied about showing on their precious map where the garages were being built and of course they built more than what was said. The picnic park area seems to be nice, although it seems the tables are broken more often than not. I would love this place alot more if it weren't for the crooked management. We get "you are lucky, the rent amount is really great compared to what you have". That's not the point. The point is we were lied to from the very start. I also put usually noisy, as you can hear everything from the upstairs apartments - Porch and closet doors opening and closing. We even can hear water running in our diningroom wall!!!! Everything else is quite quiet.
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Copper Creek

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