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Cottage Bay Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 1996 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/14/2002
Why did I move to Cottage Bay Apartments? They were affordable. Now I know why. I’ve lived at this address since 1996 and it’s the low rent that’s kept me here, (but not for much longer). These apartments are on a fast down slide. Management has changed hands a total of 4 times. Our supposed “onsite resident management” is unreliable. If you accidently lock yourself out, good luck getting a hold of anyone. When someone finally does arrive they’ll expect $65 dollars, in cash, as a “locked out fee” before they’ll open your front door. Managements hours are convenient...for them! The hours are now Monday- Friday 9:00-5:00 no Saturdays and or Sundays. Management refuses to hold any oversized packages for residents. Anything that doesn’t fit in your tiny mail box will be sent to the local post office. Speaking of mail, there are no out going mail boxes. If you need to send a letter you´ll need to take it to the post office yourself. Its true the grounds lack lighting. I too experience problems with wiring. You flip a light switch and nothing. But, here´s the trick. If you quickly turn the switch off and on, off and on, again and again and again, eventually the light will turn on, I kid you not. The fear of electrical fire has forced me to purchase Renters Insurance just in case. There is lack of visitor parking. There are enough spaces they´re just occupied by old, abandoned, junked cars. If management bothered to walk around the grounds, instead of hiding out in their office, they would see that this place is in need of serious change. <br>Would I suggest moving here? No.
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Cottage Bay Apartments

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