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Enclave at Tiber Station

2825 Tiber Drive

Sacramento, CA 95826



Resident · 2011 - 2013
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Office Staff
I moved here in December 2011 and will be moving out next month. But before I pack all my clothes and items up, I'm going to list EVERYTHING that has happened since I moved here. This is my fianc 's and I first apartment together so we were excited. Saw it while we were on the lightrail and went in over the next few days to put money down, do the application, and take a tour of it. We viewed the one we live in now and they must have really told my upstairs neighbors to be quiet because that's the only day they've been quiet in the whole almost 14 months we've lived here. The lightrail is across the street and the freeway is five minutes away with a liquor store and a gas station at the next light. My neighbor and fiance and I get a long so well but thats the neighbor across from me. So that's the good part. Okay bad part time! Lol. When we were living here so like two months, the mailboxes broke! They would hold our mail and packages in the office and like a bunch of reviews said, the women that work in the office wouldn't be there half of the time they were supposed to be. They kept saying saying they'd get the mailboxes fixed. It took them 8 months to fix them and they aren't even by my door anymore! Wtf. Okay. But in the meantime, the complex put a bunch of benches in by the office. So they worry about the office appearance more than the people renting. We rented while _____________ was still in office. We had the worst -------- family upstairs from us and they had this little boy, who was cute, but would ride his bike and scream and yell and throw himself down in their apt. Ummm..... This kid wasn't the regular size. He looked like he was a 70 pound five year old. My neighbor just now was loud too. Had me thinking maybe the walls are thin as hell because I no longer have a neighbor and I am in the shower and hear someone above me so it must be so thin that I can hear the people diagonally from me. Anyways I would make various complaints and the noise would keep going. It was horrible. But I ignored the office ignoring me. Security and police are always in the back for some domestic violence case or CPS. I have an apt kinda in the middle so I heard the sirens every time............ if you don't want to sleep in, move here! The kids are so loud and my fianc actually fed them so they would be quiet. about November ish of 2012, our power went out. They went back on and went out ten minutes later. I'm not saying this is the apts fault. I'm saying this apt is a bad location and the lightrail across the street has a box that controls power so don't move here if you like your lights! The maintenance takes forever to get to you, and something is always broken. Ooh this next one will make you guys laugh! We moved in when rent was $695. It moved up to $720 in August. And I just got notice it would be moving up to $770 next month. The rent goes up as you sign leases! Smdh. The women in the office seem to always have an attitude with me. Someone is always parked in my spot. Random criminal looking guys are always walking thru the complex. They made the laundry room inconvenient. You have to pay $5 for a card then load it whenever you want to do laundry and like I said the office is never open. You will find cockroaches in your closet so beware. Ummm..... When we went in the office to complain once, my fianc asked for corporate and it seems like that's what you have to do to get the office to do anything so try that sometime if you want to get anywhere with your complaints. The people are rude. Mainly ------ and --------- here. I'm not racists but two dreadheads and their white friend walked thru the complex saying "you know Mannie?! I'm going to 'pop a cap in his --- when I find him'" and a few minutes later you heard gun shots. It just shows that apartments like these need to be gated or something. Sucks because these were our first but it let us know we have to have higher standards. We will be moving out right after Valentines day & calling corporate to file this complaint with them too. So please, read my complaint and please please please don't move to Enclave at Tiber Station! You can do better. There's apartments by Mather for $500. By Watt for $600. And even in the south and some in Citrus Heights cheaper and better. Please listen to me, I sure wish I listened to previous reviews!
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Enclave at Tiber Station

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