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Governor's Square



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/09/2007
I lived at this apt for a few months and have a few pros and cons.<br><br>Pros:<br><br>decent location to downtown <br><br>complex was very quiet(however that is due to the fact that no one lives there...honestly I saw maybe 6 people my entire time there).<br><br>Cons: <br><br>While the location is within walking distance of downtown, you are in a very industrial/office building section of town so at night it is not safe and simply put you, your girlfriend etc would not want to spend a lot of time walking around the area alone at night<br><br>Awful management that listens to none of your concerns, if you do make a complaint make sure that everything is written down otherwise its just a battle of he said she said, Management also changes ever few months and in the short time I was there there were 3 or 4 people that left the staff, anything that requires fixing will require multiple visits to make sure anything works ok<br><br>No security in the parking garage i.e.: people that shouldn't be down there are, very bad lighting in the garage makes it a very good environment for crime and assaults, a lot of cars get broken into in the garage( there were 4 in the few months I lived there and in my opinion 4 is 4 too many), gate to the garage breaks down constantly and gets left open for weeks thus leading to said break-ins.<br><br>elevators always smell of something and have puddles of liquid in them<br><br>laundry facility is very run down and in a very dark and not well lit area of the complex (at least mine was, other facilities towards the office have better lighting)<br><br>apts are decent, I have def been in worse however the locks are not the best so I would recommend going to home depot or something to get a supplemental lock, pipes leak, no insulation so your energy bill will go up dramatically if you use your heating at all, shower does not drain and even if you call management about it and they send people it still will not drain, dishwasher constantly breaks down, carpets are very dirty upon move in<br><br>complex: overall has a very dirty look, the building off of Q st def seems to be neglected as its further from the office, workout room is really a bad attempt at one and is really gross and ------, some very bad "repairs" around the outside such as covering a rotted support beam with a garbage bag and duct tape<br><br><br>I would not recommend this complex. It is actually very over priced for other places downtown, the risks of something happening to your property are high and you are on your own if something does happen, the apartments are not worth the money, management really is very two faced and actually talks badly about each other behind their backs to tenets. also make sure you have everything on paper as management will conveniently forget anything they possibly can relating to your security deposit, your move out or any repairs. also remember that what ever you do upon move out they will still clean the rugs and paint the walls even if it is not needed and you will lose most or all of your deposit. take lots of pictures before and after you move out to insure that you will get your money back.<br>
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Governor's Square

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