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Morris Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/29/2007
The worst place i have ever lived! Constantly going through new managment; the last one was a tweak For real, No Hiding that one, The walls are mise well be made out of tissue paper i don't see how they can be insalated or thick when you hear every sound possible from the apt next door. Theres No Privacy, We changed our locks twice while living there, we had the janitor walk in while my friend was there and another time when i didn't park in my spot, a strange man tried coming in and whats scary he had a set of keys the office gave him, he said he was inspecting! Oh about the parking situation its extreamly Limited one space per tenent and that sucks because family and friends got to park clear down by baskin robins and Rubios and walk over to visit, they got this rule who ever parks in ur place gets Towed.. --------! People park where they please No One cares and Yes one cool thing is there Is A pool but unless you want to break out in a itchy rash for over a week Be My Guest! its mostly for decoration to Give Morris Apt. a better image. Which Doesn't matter to much its a Dump..Seriously if your considering Moving In DON'T, Waist of Money Waist of energy, Waist of Time..KEEP DRIVING for the good of ur family and saving you the embarrassment
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Morris Apartments

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