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River Blu II



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/28/2012
Ok, so get this... La Riviera and Glenbrook APARTMENTS are now River Blue II Apartments! HAHAHAHAHAHA!! WTF?! really?! - now that just screams HOME! That and the constant drug dealing and gang members! The police are always here or across the street. NO not blue with a "e" (Dear Manager: It was condescending to write that in the letter!)! I guess you cannot fault them to much as they are trying to sell the only good thing about the place the American River that runs right behind the place. Tenants found out about the name change after the new sign went up, which was today. There was a condescending note taped to the doors. Oh, they wont accept packages anymore either...just another service they cannot manage. So, they just finished building the cheapest looking NEW leasing office you have ever seen. It only took them seven months of off and on construction to accomplish that disaster. DON'T BE FOOLED by their attempt to make you think this place is classy....no what your renting a cheap, could be worse, place next to the river. There are much worse places out there, but just know what you are renting. Also today, I walked to subway and saw workers installing USED carpet into an apartment that people moved out recently. They cut all corners in the apartments including salvaged carpets from who knows where. CARPETS can carry BEDBUGS just FYI! Instead of spending money to attract tenets they should aim to keep them. My biggest problem is the NON-air-conditioned laundry room on a 95 degree day with all dryers going!!!!
River Blu II Manager07/09/2012

Dear Anonymous, We're sorry about the short notice of the River Blu name change. Our new River Blu office is now open for all the residents and future residents to enjoy. Yes, after seven months of hard work and some delays, we are proud to open the new leasing office as we complete our transformation from two separate communities, Glenbrook and La Riviera, to the new River Blu Apartments. The new leasing office was desperately needed in order to have a more centrally located office for all residents. And, now being located at the entrance to the community, it is easier for prospective residents to locate. Unfortunately, we were forced to discontinue the acceptance and signing for resident packages at our office. Over the years, more residents are now shopping online and a contract is established between the seller and the buyer regarding the delivery of the merchandise, we, as a third party are unable to assume the responsibility of accepting the delivery of the merchandise for the consumer. This unfortunately does affect everyone and for that we are truly sorry. I would also like to add that our community is contracted with a professional flooring installer as well as professional janitorial services that provide new flooring (not used), as needed, and cleaning services to our community in each apartment before any resident moves in. I am sorry that the laundry facilities were originally designed without air conditioning but I will be discussing our options to better ventilate the facilities. I do hope that you are able to take the time to visit us in the new office and I would be happy to discuss any of your concerns. Sincerely, Mike B. Community Director

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River Blu II

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