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River Blu II



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/21/2005
I had lived here for only 6 months and it was HORRIBLE! The apartments are an ok size and the rent is not so bad, but don't even think about moving in. The walls are VERY thin. So thin that I was able to hear what my neighbor (upstairs) was wathcing on t.v., able to hear my other neighbor snoring in the middle of the night, I was able to tell when my neighbor (upstairs) was using the bathroom b/c of the water heater in my room! Whenever my upstairs neighbor would run across the apartment floor, the floors would echo and creek in my apartment and the windows would shake! (no joke). Some of the people that live there seem to not have respect for others and like to blast their stereo's in the parking lot at 1:30 in the morning on a weeknight. Management isn't exactly the best and don't seem very friendly or happy about their job. I moved into this apartment by myself and asked to have a 2nd lock since I felt very unsafe. When I asked management about it, they said that it was not possible since they just installed a new door and left me with 1 lock. (The door wasn't in the best of shape since it wouldn't even lock all the way! How is that a new door?!) The area is terrible!! The day I was moving out, I saw a car in the parking lot that had all of it's windows bashed in and later found out that cars get stolen in this complex about 4 times a month! It's cold as all hell in there during the winter and you rack up a nice little bill trying to keep it warm. Watch out for your deposit. They try and get you in the end for that. They got me by saying the carpets were not clean and needed to be cleaned which was untrue since I kept that carpet clean. It looked like it was hardly ever walked on! The only benefit to this place for me, was it being so close to school. Other than that, the WORST experience I had ever had.
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River Blu II

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