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Rivercrest Apartments



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greendot81 • Resident 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/30/2007
I honestly love it here at Rivercrest. My fiance and I moved in about 6 months ago and will probably renew our lease when it comes up. I don't know about the other people that have posted on this site but I have had very few problems wrong with my apt. The few minor problems we have had have been fixed fairly efficiently and quickly. The community is largly made up of college students...but HELLO it is like 2 minutes from campus. Occassionally there will be a party near us but only once have we had to take any action. My perception of break ins has been minimal and my car is brand new. Obviously if you have huge speakers or a nice stereo system you are probably going to be subject to break ins ANYWHERE in Sacramento. The complex has been working on thier gate and unfortunately it is a rare occassion that both the "in" and "out" gates are closed at the same time ...i still feel more secure here than I have in any of the other 3 apartments i have lived in sacramento. As for kids...I hardly ever see them...there are more college kids here than anything and my neighbors are friendly. So if your not a stick in the mud I feel this would be a good place to live.<br>One last note...the only thing that really sucks about this place is that if you decide to break the lease they charge you 2 months rent plus the price of any FREE RENT promotion you recieved. But they do offer 3, 6, and 12 month leases so one should fit so you don't have to break your lease.
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Rivercrest Apartments

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