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Riverview Ranch Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/03/2006
I've lived here for about 9 months, and there have been so many issues that have made me regret moving here:<br><br>1. When I moved in, most of the blinds were missing on my windows, and I face out to the street and felt it was a security issue. It took 4 days and several phones, and then me finally standing in the office for them to call maintenance and have them installed. <br><br>2. The balcony above me starting coming down. Big chunks of wood were falling on my patio, and I don't know how the person upstairs didn't fall through. I took several chunks of the balcony to the office to show why they needed to replace it ASAP, but it was 5 months before they tore it down and it rebuilt as part of the "remodeling" sweep of the complex... <br><br>3. There have been several serious crimes in the buildings around me: a domestic violence stabbing outside my door between the residents in the apartment across from me (to date, they are still living there- 2 months later), a drug bust involving several law enforcement agents in the building near mine, parole violators, not to mention both cars and apartments being broken into... <br><br>4. The woman above me has a mean and obnoxious dog that she walks 12 feet in front of her, he barks at anything that crosses his path and has tried to bite my son a few times. When I addressed it with her and told her that her dog was scaring my son, she said that "he should be scared, he's mean and bites". Um, great! I have called management 4 times about this, and they won't do anything about it, they told me all they can do is tell her that someone has complained and that I need to contact animal control, yet according to the pet agreement in the lease, if your dog is a disturbance, then you will remove the pet from the premesis or failure to do so will terminate their rental agreement.<br><br>There are so many other apartment complexes that are safer and that care about their tenants well being... I wish I had found this forum prior to signing a 12 month lease so I would have known what I was getting into...
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Riverview Ranch Apartments

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