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Shore Park at Riverlake

7952 Pocket Road

Sacramento, CA 95831



Former Resident · 2018 - 2019
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Office Staff
The short of it : I wouldn't live here again if I had to. I wish I could say I would, my neighbors were beautiful people and the location by the river trail is incredible. But it is just not worth it because of crime issues, and incompetent management. The long: I chose this apartment complex based on its location. The location did not disappoint but everything else was pretty disappointing. The apartment itself was pretty shabby. Cupboards, vanity, and cabinet doors were cardboard like material and had clearly been poorly painted multiple times. Lots of drip marks and even hair painted into the drawers. Yuck. Single pane drafty windows. The complex also has lots of issues with vehicle break-ins and vandalism. Multiple nights in the year I lived there many cars had there windows smashed and objects stolen. Not a single car but 8-10 in one night. I was fortunate to not have my vehicle involved. You can find info all over Nextdoor Pocket/Greenhaven about it. Unfortunately, Nextdoor and neighbors was the only way I learned about it. Management did not reach out to the residents. The most disappointing was the property manager. New management, Sequoia, took over right before I left. They were very pleasant and accommodating for my move out for Nov. 11. They talked a lot about how much better they were than FPI. But shortly after my move out it became apparent they were equally incompetent. I moved out and gave my keys 11/08/2019, 3 days early. On the 12th got a call asking if I needed more time because I hadn't turned in my keys. I called left a message to remind them I had already turned in my keys. Never got a call back. No news is good news, maybe. However, I got my final account statement in the mail. It claimed I owed rent AND utilities through Nov 17! I paid my prorated rent for 11 days on Nov. 1st. This rent payment issue has made me not even care that they charged $190 for "Standard Cleaning". They explained that they charge $120 for carpet cleaning but it would have been nice to state that they have a standard charge for cleaning as well I wouldn't have cleaned every nook and cranny just to be charged a flat fee.
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Shore Park at Riverlake Manager


Hello, Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback regarding your residency here at Shore Park. We hope that your move went smoothly and you are all settled in your new home! I am very sorry to hear about your negative experience especially in the final days of your residency here and even after. Since your post we have turned your feedback into a learning opportunity here to audit our move-out procedure to ensure that we are all on the same page given it is never our intention to add more stress to your moving process - we know that it is a lot. Regarding your move out charges that were incorrect on your ledger, please contact our office directly if you find that these have not been updated to the appropriate amounts as I will make it a priority to research these personally. No account statement is 'final' until you and we have come to an understanding on costs, etc. You are correct that from time to time people who don't have any regard for others personal property (vehicles, etc.) come into the community whether they were invited by residents or the like. While this can happen in communities like ours or in a person's driveway, we are committed to working with the local authorities to do our best to make our residents and community aware of happenings and safety. We are partnered with Officer Magaletti from the Sacramento Police Department who patrols the Pocket area. He has been very informative and helpful as our direct liaison to the local authorities and it is our hope that with their patrol as well as the 2 Courtesy Patrol companies we employ here that community supervision after hours is covered as best as possible. Again, thank you for your time and your post. We are making strides every day to make sure we are here for our community and doing the best we can to make Shore Park a wonderful place to call home. DeeDee A. Community Manager (916) 234-8032 [email protected]

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Shore Park at Riverlake

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