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Sixty58 Townhomes

6058 Riverside Boulevard

Sacramento, CA 95831



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/13/2005
Well...<br><br>We have been living here at The Esplanade for about two years now. At first, the situation was tolerable; however, it escalated into something like a nightmare. I admit that when we first moved in--the first year or so--that it was a pretty decent place to live. Ok, I loved the townhouse style. It was great to have two floors all to ourselves. That is the BEST thing about this place. Now let me tell you the rest.<br><br>1. Parking is horrible. It was OK when people moved out as this left many unoccupied uncovered spaces but often parking was BAD. Not only did we have a hard time finding parking for our other car but we also had a hard time with our own space.<br>Also, when we got tired of this problem and decided to have a car towed, those neighbors threatened us with retaliation.<br><br>2. At first, our neighbors--on both sides--were great. Then the new neighbors moved in--on both sides--and yes, problems occurred. For one, the noise level was bad and if I am not mistaken, screaming and yelling at all hours of the day. That was bad.<br><br>3. Management<br>I am on the fence on this one. In our 2 years here, the management has been very flaky. It seemed as if they didn't do anything until the situation became almost intolerable. We had a horrible rat problem at one point. They were in the walls. I had called numerous times; those times they said they'd take care of it. We stayed through it all because we were too stressed to even move. We were stuck smelling dead rat smell --in a Sacramento summer-- after pest control finally killed them. <br><br>I can somewhat understand the management's frustration. There are many people living there who feel entitled to get their way and it is an annoying thing. <br><br>I think that they should implement a more stringent system instead of just taking everyone in because they want the money.<br><br><br><br><br>
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Sixty58 Townhomes

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