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Stonecreek Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/26/2006
i have been here almost a year. My husband son and I moved in cause it's only 4 miles away from my husbands work. We had nothing but problems from the day we signed the lease. We payed the 99 to move in plus a day since we moved in at the end of the month. We then were told we owed them another day but not till 2 weeks AFTER we signed lease. This wouldnt have been a problem other then the fact Diana was trying to make me pay the late fees for one day because someone in the office couldnt do basic math. I brought in my paper work that stated i only needed to pay one day and that i was paid in full up untill Jan 2006. Diana went on to be rude telling me "fine we will take your check even though you are late."<br><br>Even though there was fresh paint and new carpet, there were LOTS of other things in my apartment that needed fixing. When i called the office for fixing at first they wanted to help. As time went on, i now get responces such as "what is it now?" or "what complaint do you have now?". So rude to me and my husband.<br><br>It seems like a nice place other then managment. But as time went on we noticed people tagging, illegal drug use in the parking lots and in stair wells near our front door, and people outside yelling at 1 a.m. Security, even though are here all day and night, doesnt seem to help since they stay up front or in their cars.<br><br>This place IS not somewhere you should live if you have a child!!
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Stonecreek Apartments

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