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Stonecreek Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/04/2007
Before my boyfriend and I moved in, we looked up this rating site and didn't believe what we read. We thought it wouldn't happen to us. but not even two weeks after we moved in my boyfriend's car got broken into. When we went in to the office to report the vandalism, Julia was the lady who we report it to. She acted surprise and said "how wierd. That was the first time that ever happened." Two weeks later, we heard from our neighbors that everyone else had already got their car broken into and the people in the office said the same exact thing to everyone. Not only that two months later, we got our car towed by the manager. I went into the office and asked why was it towed and Julia stated that it was towed because it was dusty. It has to be clean at all time or it will be towed. Two months into these apartments and we had already lost so much money. Alot of the neighbors are unhappy and is only still here because they can't break the least. Not only that, recently there was a flyer being past out to all the neighbors regrading about a recent home invasion. There's always people around that don't live here and secruity doesn't come to our side to even check at all. All they do is sit in their car and stay on their labtop. I might be paying for rent here but I certainly do not feel safe at all, even when I'm inside my apartment. BEWARE! A GOOD DEAL IS ALWAYS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!
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Stonecreek Apartments

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