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The Crossings at Wyndham



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/16/2007
I am serious when I say don't live here. I would say the only good thing about this place is it's cheap but even that is out the window because you get what you pay for. Here is a list of things of why this place is NOT where you want to live: <br>*management tries to micro manage how you live by enforcing parking permits, telling you what you can have on your balconies,etc. They say it's to better the community but none of it has helped within the 5 years I've been here! They are picking the wrong points to focus on.<br>*Our apartment is lousy! The heater doesn't work, we have rats in the walls, the walls are sooo thin you can here the people talking in other apartments until 1am. Smells of other peoples apartments come into ours such as weed, currey, and other nasty food. The hot water heater will not even last long enough to fill the tub for a bath, the seals on all window panes and doors are so bad that you have a constant draft so the minimal heat we DO have goes right outside! There is a peacock that is loose around the parking lot and jumps on cars. Management was told about it but blames the residents for feeding it rather than taking action. Water leaks in our bathroom at random times, our front door lock is always messed up, the windows don't lock and the sliding glass door doesn't lock. Which leads me to the next complaint...<br>*the community is a magnet for crime. On our move in day we witnessed a very innocent man get beaten up right in our parking lot a few yards away for his wallet. And I think its funny that they can micro manage how we live to 'make it safer' while living here, but the kids that beat up that man ran threw some broken boards on our complex to escape. Well we informed management of this and they NEVER fixed it! A car has been driven through a town house that they have neglected to fix, numerous vehicles have broken into, numerous fights between people within the parking lot at all hours of the night and day, someone climbed the balconies we live by and climbed on ours and ran across our roof, someone stole cans from someones patio during the night. <br>All in all this has been the worst place to live. Like I said, I've been here 5 years. It started off nice as the tenants were great and the crime steered clear of this place. But now I want to raise a family, but I see no intention of EVER doing that here. So don't move here whatever you do!
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The Crossings at Wyndham

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